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Here she lays … So close to me
Simply beautiful … Sexy as can be
What I see in front of me…Her backs’shinin’ in cocoabutta’ streaks
Night of sensuality…Gleamin’ in what's left of me
Pillow talks of ecstasy
‘N teardrops formin’ on my sheets [It’s got the best of me]
Diff'rent roles of fantasies…
Minute after minute… [Tie me up] … Hour after hour [Build it up]
Minute after minute… [Take me down] … Hour after hour [Start over now]
[Don’t Wanna] Don’t wanna give this up, I need you(it) baby
[Don’t Wanna] Don't wanna give it up
[Don’t Wanna] Don’t wanna give this up, I need you lady
[Don’t Wanna] Don't wanna give you up
Here I lay… gettin’ no sleep
Wonderin’… if she’s mine to keep
I’m in my head, smile on my face [Soakin' wet]
In her fresh spring
What is this she put on me?
Heaven’s fountain flow’d on me
My hearts racin’, skippin’ beats
N’ my toes-r-poppin’ as I release [In b’tween the sheets]
My mind’s playin’ on repeat
Repeat Pre-Chorus/Chorus/Vamp to Fade Out